Mission and Beliefs

The mission of the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals is to improve secondary education through positive leadership and the enhancement of student performance. In pursuing the mission of MoASSP, the Association shall be involved in:

  • providing information and leadership;

  • encouraging research and service;

  • promoting high educational standards;

  • focusing attention on state educational issues;

  • providing for the general welfare of principals; and

  • working with other educational organizations interested in the solutions to educational challenges at the state level for the welfare of secondary schools and the youth they serve.

In regard to secondary education, MoASSP believes:

  • Students and staff should be provided a safe and secure learning and working environment.

  • Students should be provided with opportunities to excel in academic, extra-curricular and cocurricular activities.

  • The use of technology to improve instruction and administration should be encouraged.

  • Students should be held accountable for a single standard of discipline regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicapping condition or economic status.

  • Missouri secondary schools should recruit and retain the most qualified teachers.

  • The goals of secondary education can best be achieved when all stakeholders work together.

  • In promoting relations between private and public schools on a continuing basis.

  • The best candidates for leadership positions should be employed regardless of race, ethnic origin, age or gender.

In regard to educational leadership, MoASSP believes:

  • That principals should not be assigned additional duties, such as classroom teaching.

  • Boards of education should continue improving fringe benefit packages for principals by paying professional dues, offering extended and multi-year contracts and improving salaries.

  • All groups and organizations should be cognizant of school attendance requirements prior to scheduling any activity that interferes with the educational process.

  • In recruiting and retaining quality principals and in providing in-service programs for practicing principals.

  • School administrators should assert their role as advocates for children, youth and public education.

  • Free and open communication with the entire educational community should be maintained.

  • Professional responsibilities should be carried out with honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards.

  • Effective leadership–along with a competent instructional staff, a relevant curriculum, adequate facilities and financial resources–is essential to quality education.

In regard to student performance, MoASSP believes:

  • All students can learn and have a right to the best possible education.

  • Student performance is best when the student feels safe and secure in the school setting.

  • Students should be held accountable to appropriate grade level standards and assessments.

  • Student performance is best demonstrated through the development of life-long learners.

  • Technology education is imperative to ensure all students are prepared for the demands of a global society.

  • Students are best served in the school setting, which promotes both social and educational growth.

In regard to legislation, both state and federal, MoASSP will support all legislation that:

  • Provides increased benefits for its members. Attracts quality individuals into the field of education.

  • Increases the cooperation with those organizations whose efforts are germane with that of the principalship.

  • Works closely with both the state and federal legislative bodies to insure adequate funding for Missouri Schools. Works through all appropriate parties and agencies to insure safe and secure schools for all students, teachers and staff.

  • Further enhances the educational programs and opportunities for all Missouri children and schools.