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16 breakout sessions, daily opening sessions, MoASSP Business Meeting, Legal Hour with Guin Mundorf LLC, Awards Program and the Insight for Leadership

7 Phrases Leaders Use that Develop Trust, Confidence, & Direction by David Geurin, Bolivar HS

Esports by Tony Gragnani, Hickman High School

Bring Computer Science to your Middle & High Schools with Code.org’s Professional Learning Program by Emily Meyer, STEM Program Manager - Science City at Union Station and Tori Engel, Lead Instructional Specialist, Washington University Institute for School Partnership

Got Passion? by Jennifer Corson, Leeton High School

Increasing Student Voice and Choice through Personalized Learning Programs in the K-12 Setting by Lauren Cumming, Principal Bernard Middle School and John DeWalle, Director of College and Career Readiness, Mehlville School District 

The Power of Appreciation by Beth Houf, Fulton Middle School

DESE Briefing on Current Issues, Finances, and Q&A by Blaine Henningsen, Roger Barnes, Janice Rehak, and Steve Bryant (DESE)

Leaders have to be Learners by Charlie Belt, Blue Springs South High School

Restorative Practices: Realistic Practices and Expectations by Judy Brunner, Author, Consultant, Lead Principal Central High School

Leaders need self-care, too! by Cherie Austin, Monett Intermediate Principal; Jay Apostol, Monett Middle School Principal

Emotional Shift Happens by Leslie Brown, Director of the Reese Education Center in Warrensburg

Registered Youth Apprenticeships in Action! by Clara Liles, Career Counselor and Cynthia Walker, Apprenticeship Coordinator

Area Career Center and CAPS Programs by Brian Noller and Andrew Stewart, Northland Career Center

Building Career Pathways at Pattonville High School by Jon Fitzgerald, Pattonville High School

Building Collaborative Curriculum Teacher Networks by James Frank, Principal--Crest Ridge Secondary

High School Computer Science & DESE Requirements by Tori Engel, Lead Instructional Specialist, Washington University Institute for School Partnership and Emily Meyer, STEM Program Manager - Science City at Union Station

1. Carri Risner, Director, Boonslick Technical Education Center: "It Doesn't Matter..." 2. Michael Straatmann, Principal, Truman Middle School: "Re-imagining Engagement in Education" 3. Gena Sitton, Principal, Advance High School: "Survival Tips for New Principals" 4. Clint Ross, Assistant Principal, Lawson High School: "DisconnectedReconnected" 5. Monica Fulton, Principal, Rolla Junior High School: “Affordable High Quality Professional Development for Educators” 6. Brandon Russell, Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education at Columbia Public Schools: “Communicating with Faculty” 7. Theresa Wilson, Principal, Carl Junction High School: "Helping Our Helpers" 8. Eric Johnson, Principal, Winnetonka High School: “You Are Your Greatest Strategy”

10 Total session:  2 Opening Day Sessions and 8 Breakout Sessions.