MoASSP Virtual Professional Development Series

August 05, 2020 10:00 AM to November 04, 2020 5:00 PM
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Virtual (Online)


1.  August 5 – Planning for School Re-opening (Kim Marshall)

  • Description: SCHOOL REOPENING - 
    • Checking in on status, plans.  
    • What we’ve learned during the pandemic about how to teach and organize more effectively. 
    • What schools and districts need to think about over the summer. 
    • What needs to happen when school reopens.
    • Questions and suggestions.

2.  August 12 – Re-opening Amidst Uncertainty for School Principals (Part 1) – by EdCounsel 

    • Description:  General Considerations – Communication and Community Engagement, Need for Continued Flexibility and Privacy Protections and School Personnel – Susceptible Personnel, Managing Leave, Teachers Shortages/Overages and Contracts 

3.  August 19 - Re-opening Amidst Uncertainty for School Principals (Part 2) – by EdCounsel 

    • Description:  Instruction, Building Operations, Whole Child Supports

4.  August 20 – When Equity and Compliance Intersect -  by Perry Hilvitz

    • Description: 

      A student comes to you and says that he doesn’t feel safe because one of his classmate’s is wearing a tee shirt that says MAGA on it.

      A parent calls you to tell you that a teacher in your building has posted on Facebook that they support Black Lives Matter and they want you to assure them that the teacher is not saying or doing anything in the classroom that supports BLM since it is a political organization.

      A parent wants you to ban students from wearing shirts that say, “Defund the Police” since her husband is a police officer, and this is so upsetting to her daughter that she can’t focus on her schoolwork.

      So now what do you do?  What can you do? What should you do?

      Given the current social climate, you should have a plan in mind before you get too far into your school year.  In this session, we will discuss Federal law connected to the first amendment, how that applies to your school. Dress code restrictions and District policy.  Discipline enforcement.  When is speech harmful?  What is a material or substantial disruption?  We will move from the establishment of an authoritarian disciplinary response to the utilization of restorative practices in order to maintain a respectful and sophisticated dialogue that all may benefit from.

5.  September 9 – Growing Advanced Placement - Advanced Placement for Administrators (Mark Parson)

    • Description: 

      Get an overview of what the AP Program offers and how it works. See how AP helps students succeed in high school and college and learn how your school can offer AP and explore ways to expand access to the program.

6.  September 16 – Rethinking Differentiation (Kim Marshall) - 

      •  Description:
        • What are students supposed to be learning?
        • Is this the best way to teach it?
        • Are they all learning it? 
        • Planning units and lessons to maximize access and learning (UDL principles)
        • Teaching effectively, with frequent checks for understanding
        • Following up afterward with students who aren’t yet successful
        • The major instructional problem that differentiation addresses
        • The conventional approach – differentiate by content, process, and product
        • Critiques of this approach, and differentiation in general;
        • Instead of looking for differentiation, what about asking three questions of a lesson:
        • Then focus on three phases of teaching; In all three phases, working to make students increasingly self-reliant and finding ways to do all this within the normal work day! Working smart!

7.  September 23 – Advanced Placement Tools and Resources - Updates for Practitioners (Mark Parson)

    • Description: 

      Support students with new online tools. We are offering more practice materials and insight into the exam than ever before. This session will review new teacher instructional resources, all to help your students learn college-level content and skills as well as earn college credit during high school.

8.  October 7 – The Role of the Principal in Preventing and Addressing Child Abuse and Neglect (Laura Beckmann, DESE)

    • Description: 

      In Missouri, principals and other school leaders are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. Additionally, new Missouri law requires comprehensive sexual abuse prevention education for students in grades six and up beginning in the Fall of 2020. Join this presentation to learn more about the role school leaders play in the systemic response to prevent and address child abuse.

9.  October 21 – What a Building Principal should know about 504’s (Susan Whitesides)

    • Description:  TBA

10.  November 4 – Depression and Anxiety:  Supporting Stressed Out Students, Staff and Caregivers (Shari Sevier)

    • Description: 

      Before the pandemic, depression and anxiety were growing mental health issues among students.  With the pandemic, depression and anxiety have become significant mental health issues for not only our students, but for our staff members and families as well.  This workshop will provide an overview of these mental health issues, how to recognize their symptoms, and interventions to help those struggling with anxiety and depression.

      Session Take-Aways:

      1. To provide an overview of depression and anxiety, as well as symptoms and signs.
      2. To provide an overview of the various manifestations of these issues with what may be observed in a school setting.
      3. To provide a series of interventions that school counselors may share with students, staff members, and caregivers when dealing with those who are struggling with depression and anxiety.





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$649.00 Non-Member - Series Registration (10 Professional Development Sessions)