Virtual Session (Single Event) - Rethinking Differentiation by Kim Marshall

September 16, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Virtual (Online)


    • What are students supposed to be learning?
    • Is this the best way to teach it?
    • Are they all learning it? 
    • Planning units and lessons to maximize access and learning (UDL principles)
    • Teaching effectively, with frequent checks for understanding
    • Following up afterward with students who aren’t yet successful
    • The major instructional problem that differentiation addresses
    • The conventional approach – differentiate by content, process, and product
    • Critiques of this approach, and differentiation in general;
    • Instead of looking for differentiation, what about asking three questions of a lesson:
    • Then focus on three phases of teaching:
    • In all three phases, working to make students increasingly self-reliant
    • And finding ways to do all this within the normal work day! Working smart!


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$75.00 Non-Member - Single Session - Rethinking Differentiation by Kim Marshall